About the Works

Common threads run through the work of Helen Gilbart concerning time, history, place, order, and silence. These are produced in collections of paintings, drawings and occasionally sculpture.

Helen Gilbart was born in London and first studied Fine Art with Geography at the University of Lancaster in the dynamic topography of the northwest. There she developed an abiding interest in the land – particularly the history and clues within it. These preoccupations determined subsequent relocations. Two awards were specifically to paint in the Mediterranean; firstly in the dramatic, geologically rich terrain of Cyprus and later in the uncompromisingly arid ‘badlands’ of southeast Spain. Gilbart now lives in coastal Suffolk where the history and shifting/toppling physical relationship between land and sea are significant to certain tensions in her work.

Themes since 2000 relate to evolution. A significant art/science residency in the Earth Sciences Department at the University of Cambridge focused on palaeontology (see The Sedgwick Tapes and Beginnings). More recent field and museum research explores archaeology as well.

Materials are used in a direct manner. Oil paint is particularly important. The format is very variable within one body of work from very small canvas blocks in multiples to large, two and a half metre canvases.

Most artworks here have been made since 2000 and are arranged within their specific collections:


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